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Official announcement here:

Probably coming worldwide shortly after the Chicago GO fest, as I imagine them unlocking it is pretty much a foregone conclusion. Though it seems like Legendaries will be releasing gradually into the raid pool. I'l also heard scuttlebutt that Legendary raid eggs will have an extra-long lead time, to make it easier to coordinate a large group, though I'm not sure where that info comes from.

Someone over on the Silph reddit also did a pretty nice write-up on which pokemon that you can raise now will be most useful for Gen 1-2 Legendary raids:

For me, right now I've got one Bite/Crunch Tyranitar and one Rock Throw/Rock Blast Golem, plus the usual complement of Eeveelutions and one each excellent Scizor w/Bug, Houndoom w/Dark and Dragonite w/Dragon, so that's a start at least. Sadly neither of my Omastars have the useful legacy rock moveset, oh well.
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So I was just out restocking on items and discovered some places where I couldn't get them, because the pokestop I was going for had become a (currently disabled) gym. Of course once the updates hit and we can spin gyms, this will be all for the better. Meanwhile, I checked out a few local hot spots and estimate that about 10% of existing pokestop locations have converted to gyms. Now that only six people will be able to get on a gym at once, more is certainly welcome!

Spawn points are a little harder to pin down, but I'm pretty sure new spawns have been added as well. I'm very familiar with the possible points in my neighborhood, and just saw quite a few spawns at new locations. Particularly noticeable was the fact that I got several spawn smack in the middle of the road, which almost never happened before and I thought was a no-no to keep kids from wandering into the street (not that you can't reach them from the sidewalk). I almost wonder if someone at Niantic forgot to run a not_on_roads filter when generating a new batch of points... we'll have to see if they stick around.
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Niantic just announced the addition of more pokémon!
Professor Willow has discovered Togepi and Pichu hatching from Eggs! Starting later today, Trainers will have the opportunity to hatch these and several other Pokémon that were originally discovered in the Johto Region in Pokémon Gold and Pokémon Silver video games.

Trainers who play(ed) the main series, what other pokémon do we have to look forward to? Based on the wording, we'll be able to hatch more than just Togepi & Pichu.

ETA: Cleffa, Elekid, Magby & Igglypuff are confirmed! And if you get one of the new baby pokemon, make it your buddy & check out the ADORABLE.

In addition:
Starting later today through December 29, 2016, 10:00 A.M. PST, you’ll find limited edition Pikachu all over the world. These Pikachu will be wearing a festive hat to celebrate the season!


ETA: Raichu also wears the santa hat!

But with it getting chilly and downright wintery in certain parts of the world, this is all going to be very tricky!

(the full announcement)

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Anyone else in North America notice a strange uptick in the amounts of Tauros showing up? What about those of you in other regions with your region specific Pokémon?
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Niantic rolled out a minor update with the patch note: "minor bug fixes." I don't know what those bugs were, but if your app updates, don't be surprised.

As for the tip: nest pokemon and water spawns are not affected by the Halloween shake-up. So take advantage of the doubled candies if you're working on, say, a gyarados and have water biomes near you!
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And surprise! We're seeing increased spawn rates for other ~spooky~ 'mon! The current list includes: gastly, haunter, gengar, zubat, golbat, drowzee, hypno, cubone, marowak & meowth!

(I can confirm because I caught a gastly while sitting in my bed and I still see one in sightings, along with cubone. Neither of them are common around me.)

In terms of buddy candy, you earn 1 per quarter of the regular walking distance! (So it's not 4 candy received at once. It's .25km, .75km & 1.25km!)


This is such a fun update! If you love Halloween as much as me, I hope you will enjoy it too!

ETA at 8:47PM EDT: OMG SHENANIGANS. Some of the pokemon are masked! I just caught a zubat and IT TURNED INTO A MAGIKARP. This might be a glitch but I don't think so because people are reporting it on The Silph Road subreddit. (Or maybe it's a glitch that multiple people are experiencing. Maybe it was a transition thing? Ngl, I'm a little disappointed!)
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Sorry, yesterday got away from me so it's a news + free chat combo post this week. Unlike the past couple round-ups, a lot happened this week. I'm going to try to organize things to make them easier to parse, so here we go.

Game Updates
• PokeGo has launched in over 40 new countries. Due to the number, I'm not going to list them individually but you can see the full lists here and here. Sorry, India and South Korea are not among the new launch territories. I know they've been waiting a while.

• Niantic added a server side update where new-to-you pokémon sighted in gyms are now registered as being seen in your pokedex. So if you're like me and still don't have a dragonite but your local gym meta is dominated by the orange Barney, you will see its silhouette in your pokedex.

• Look alive! Nests have migrated again!

• In a future update, the medals you've earned will now make a difference! More specifically, the medals you earn for catching specific types of pokémon will make catching future pokémon from that category easier. For example, earning a gold medal in catching pidgeys will make it easier to catch gyarados. (more details)

• Also in a forthcoming update, the way you train friendly gyms will change. You will be able to bring 6 pokémon (like if you were attacking a rival gym) and the CP of defenders will adjust to your level, which will allow lower level trainers to participate in the gym scene. (more details)

• Niantic continues its efforts to block third-party apps. (source)

more highlights from this week )

That's it for this week!

Any thoughts about the latest in-game updates? What about the other newsbits? And how was your week in PokeGo?

Let's talk about it here.
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Look alive! The third nest migration is here. But this nest migration is a little different from the past two...

• In addition to nests changing, new nests have appeared.

• Unfortunately, some nests have also disappeared.

• Higher evolutions can now be found at nests! Previously, only base evolutions could be found at nests. So now, you might find Wigglytuff at a Jigglypuff nest, for example.

• There are also new spawning locations. My neighborhood added 4-5!

• But...some spawning locations have also vanished.

• Spawning times have also changed. If you're used to mon spawning at certain times, you might need to readjust. I know I'm having to figure out the new schedule in my neighborhood!

What are things looking like around you?
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Happy Friday, trainers! (...although maybe it's not Friday anymore for some of you...)

• There is a new update rolling out for PokeGo. It looks like it's mostly minor stuff, but we'll have to see. Based on previous rollouts, I wouldn't expect it to hit the app stores until next Monday or Tuesday. (source)

• There are reports that the Pokedex IV scaling bug has now been fixed. So we're now able to catch wild starters with good IVs (versus hatching them)! The trade-off, however, means that we're saying farewell to that steady string of eevees and dratinis with perfect attack IVs.

• All things come to an end. PokeGo is no longer the top grossing app in the iPhone store. (source)

What's going on in your neck of the woods?
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So the nest migration was supposed to happen last Friday-ish... Did it happen for you? Reports are saying that a lot of nests remained the same but I seem to recall some people here saying their nests might have changed.

I will say that the spawn diversity around my house seems to have increased. That, and there are 2 new spawn locations in my neighborhood that weren't there before. Have you all noticed anything different about the locations and diversity of the spawns around you?
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All right, I received the update a few minutes ago. Hopefully, this means that it's live for everyone on both Android and iOS!

Here are the official patch notes:
  • Implemented Buddy Pokémon: Trainers will now be able to choose one of their Pokémon to be their buddy. A Trainer can earn Candy for their Buddy Pokémon by walking a certain distance

  • Made it easier to select smaller Pokémon on the screen

  • Fixed an issue where Eggs would sometimes hatch without displaying the animation.

  • Improved performance reliability when a device switches networks to no longer cause the application to hang or stop updating

  • Pokémon GO Plus support

  • Minor text fixes

Other changes not mentioned in the patch notes:
  • Your trainer journal now notes when you receive an egg from a PokeStop

  • The design of your profile page has slightly changed.

  • So has the design of the team leader appraisal overlay.

  • PokeGo no longer works on rooted or jailbroken phones.

And now for details on the Buddy System!
Read more... )

I believe that's it. I'll update this entry if I stumble across anything else. If y'all discover other things, tell us in the comments!! Otherwise, tell us how you're planning to use the buddy system and who you're walking first!
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I thought it'd be useful to have a catch-all post for all things pokémon. They are what you're trying to catch in this game, right? And with the release of the in-game appraisal system, I figure some people might have some questions.

Here are the basics:
  • Each pokémon is unique. It has visible values for CP and HP, in addition to movesets that can vary from mon to mon within a species.

  • Every pokémon also has hidden stats called individual values (IVs) for attack, defense, and stamina. The CP & HP values are visible renderings of these IVs. The new in-game appraisal system gives you the range for these hidden values.

  • When you level up as a trainer, you will start seeing pokémon with higher CP but to only a certain extent. The CP of pokémon hatched from eggs stop scaling at level 20 and the CP of pokémon caught in the wild stop scaling at level 30.

  • The trainer level cap, though, is level 40. So you can keep powering up your pokémon with stardust and candy past level 30 until you hit the cap.

There are other nuances to be found here, but I find they vary from trainer to trainer. Some people start powering up their pokémon right away. Others wait until they hit level 30. Some people are torn. I thought that in addition to sharing general tips about pokémon, we could also use the comments to ask advice about our mon.

So let's have it!
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This may replicate some previous tips and tricks from all over the place, but to share with y'all in any case, my

Pokémon Realizations, Occasionally Belated, on PokéStops, Collecting, and Training/Battling )

No TOS-breaking, promise. And feel free to ask questions! :)
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So, for various reasons (mostly having to do with utter nerdery) I've been keeping track of the CP of my various Pokemons and my friend's Pokemons before and after evolution. All of these are averages, all of them are percent increase. For example, going by this spreadsheet and precedent I can estimate that a CP 250 Kakuna will turn into around an 800 CP Beedrill. The biggest jumps seem to be to Golbats, Beedrills, and Butterfrees, with over 300% average each, but Zubats, Caterpies, and Weedles don't start out very high to begin with.

Everything is organized by original 'mon in alphabetical order, except the Eevees which are organized by their evolved form since they have three of them. And yes, it does seem like Jolteon evolves consistently with a lower CP than the other two.

Reap the benefits of my stats nerdery! And if you feel like keeping track, you can comment here with your before and after CPs and the mon types and I will add it to the spreadsheet. Obviously I don't have all of them yet, and I left out several that I only had one data point for.

Bulbasaur 311%
Caterpie 107%
Clefairy 207%
Exeggcute 274%
Goldeen 216%
Kakuna 321%
Metapod 345%
Oddish 149%
Paras 195%
Pidgey 186%
Rattata 252%
Spearow 268%
Staryu 239%
Venonat 202%
Weedle 108%
Zubat 312%

Jolteon 201%
Vaporeon 265%
Flareon 250%
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Yesterday I took a screenshot from my house of the outline of Jigglypuff, taunting me. (Rare Pokemon appear periodically but I can never actually find them because tracking sucks.) Then as soon as I was done, Jigglypuff appeared and I caught him.

Later I decided to walk to hatch some eggs and my 10k egg hatched and I got an Eevee, which would be great except Eevees are not *that* uncommon here and it was not even a high level Eevee and come ON 10k egg.

Also, I was chasing another alleged Jigglypuff nearby and I even had incense on as I walked. Did I find a Jigglypuff? No, apparently I should have just stayed at my house for that.

Useful info I did find: the wooded path behind my house has zero Pokemon, even with incense. Which is good to know because I haven't wanted to walk there when it's dark but have been sad I couldn't find out (it's kinda pretty?) and also the nearby side road has a LOT of Pokemon sadly after the slight hill.

Has anyone else caught a high level/rare Pokemon out of the blue? Also, have people had good luck with eggs? Asking for a friend.


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