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Welcome to [community profile] pokestop!

We're a brand new community and still getting things off the ground, but while we're here, let's have some posting guidelines.

1. As long as it's related to Pokémon Go, it's on topic and belongs here!

2. I've started the community off with a few general tags. I'll add more as we need them. So if you can't find a tag pertaining to your post, never fear! I'll create one.

3. All fanworks are welcome. Fanfic, fanart, meta, icons, recs, fanmixes...It's all welcome! Please use the following header:

Content notes: (If not applicable, put N/A or none)

If you're posting your fanwork directly to the community rather than linking it, please use a cut tag.

4. If your post isn't a fanwork but is still lengthy, please use a cut tag as well.

That's about it! Let's have some fun!
Date: 2016-07-26 02:47 am (UTC)

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+waves+ Suppose I need to get a PokeIcon...


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