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All right, it's been about a week since Niantic changed the way we train at gyms. How do we feel about it? Have any advice for your fellow trainers?

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Sorry, yesterday got away from me so it's a news + free chat combo post this week. Unlike the past couple round-ups, a lot happened this week. I'm going to try to organize things to make them easier to parse, so here we go.

Game Updates
• PokeGo has launched in over 40 new countries. Due to the number, I'm not going to list them individually but you can see the full lists here and here. Sorry, India and South Korea are not among the new launch territories. I know they've been waiting a while.

• Niantic added a server side update where new-to-you pokémon sighted in gyms are now registered as being seen in your pokedex. So if you're like me and still don't have a dragonite but your local gym meta is dominated by the orange Barney, you will see its silhouette in your pokedex.

• Look alive! Nests have migrated again!

• In a future update, the medals you've earned will now make a difference! More specifically, the medals you earn for catching specific types of pokémon will make catching future pokémon from that category easier. For example, earning a gold medal in catching pidgeys will make it easier to catch gyarados. (more details)

• Also in a forthcoming update, the way you train friendly gyms will change. You will be able to bring 6 pokémon (like if you were attacking a rival gym) and the CP of defenders will adjust to your level, which will allow lower level trainers to participate in the gym scene. (more details)

• Niantic continues its efforts to block third-party apps. (source)

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That's it for this week!

Any thoughts about the latest in-game updates? What about the other newsbits? And how was your week in PokeGo?

Let's talk about it here.
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I have a question about gyms!

There is only one gym in my town and it rotates fairly evenly between the three teams. Yesterday morning we happened to be going past and noticed it was Mystic (my team) and only had a weak Caterpie and an even weaker Magikarp in it.

Thinking that the gym had just been taken over by Mystic and needed shoring up, we went to it and found that actually it was a Level 6 gym. But how could it be a Level 6 gym with only two weak Pokemon guarding it? If someone else had been fighting to raise the prestige, why wouldn't they leave a Pokemon there?
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This may replicate some previous tips and tricks from all over the place, but to share with y'all in any case, my

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No TOS-breaking, promise. And feel free to ask questions! :)


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