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It's a very small Easter Egg but I'm not gonna lie. I've been laughing my head off the past 5 minutes.

1. Make sure Battery Saver is turned on.
2. Select a Santa Pikachu from your inventory.
3. Turn your phone upside down. (So the screen goes into battery saver mode.)
4. Wait a few seconds.
5. Turn your phone back over.
6. Look at Santa Pikachu.
7. :D

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All right, it's been about a week since Niantic changed the way we train at gyms. How do we feel about it? Have any advice for your fellow trainers?

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We know that there is GPS drift that adds to your walked km, and it's "natural" in the sense that every GPS-based app will be somewhat affected.

But now in the New Age of Buddies, leaving your phone and the Pokémon GO on overnight means that you may wake up to a new candy for your buddy: I did this morning! My Pikachu was no longer at 28 candy, but 29! After reading a guy's account on reddit's Silph Road about maximizing GPD drift by laying down your phone in north-south direction, I hooked my iPhone 5 up to be charged last night and laid it down N-S. To do that, I simply used the Pokémon GO app as a compass by tapping the compass in the upper right-hand corner.

It may not always work, but it clearly works for some folks.
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All right, I received the update a few minutes ago. Hopefully, this means that it's live for everyone on both Android and iOS!

Here are the official patch notes:
  • Implemented Buddy Pokémon: Trainers will now be able to choose one of their Pokémon to be their buddy. A Trainer can earn Candy for their Buddy Pokémon by walking a certain distance

  • Made it easier to select smaller Pokémon on the screen

  • Fixed an issue where Eggs would sometimes hatch without displaying the animation.

  • Improved performance reliability when a device switches networks to no longer cause the application to hang or stop updating

  • Pokémon GO Plus support

  • Minor text fixes

Other changes not mentioned in the patch notes:
  • Your trainer journal now notes when you receive an egg from a PokeStop

  • The design of your profile page has slightly changed.

  • So has the design of the team leader appraisal overlay.

  • PokeGo no longer works on rooted or jailbroken phones.

And now for details on the Buddy System!
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I believe that's it. I'll update this entry if I stumble across anything else. If y'all discover other things, tell us in the comments!! Otherwise, tell us how you're planning to use the buddy system and who you're walking first!
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I thought it'd be useful to have a catch-all post for all things pokémon. They are what you're trying to catch in this game, right? And with the release of the in-game appraisal system, I figure some people might have some questions.

Here are the basics:
  • Each pokémon is unique. It has visible values for CP and HP, in addition to movesets that can vary from mon to mon within a species.

  • Every pokémon also has hidden stats called individual values (IVs) for attack, defense, and stamina. The CP & HP values are visible renderings of these IVs. The new in-game appraisal system gives you the range for these hidden values.

  • When you level up as a trainer, you will start seeing pokémon with higher CP but to only a certain extent. The CP of pokémon hatched from eggs stop scaling at level 20 and the CP of pokémon caught in the wild stop scaling at level 30.

  • The trainer level cap, though, is level 40. So you can keep powering up your pokémon with stardust and candy past level 30 until you hit the cap.

There are other nuances to be found here, but I find they vary from trainer to trainer. Some people start powering up their pokémon right away. Others wait until they hit level 30. Some people are torn. I thought that in addition to sharing general tips about pokémon, we could also use the comments to ask advice about our mon.

So let's have it!
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This may replicate some previous tips and tricks from all over the place, but to share with y'all in any case, my

Pokémon Realizations, Occasionally Belated, on PokéStops, Collecting, and Training/Battling )

No TOS-breaking, promise. And feel free to ask questions! :)
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So, some of you might have seen discussions about using incense in areas with zero potential spawn points, with the result of random pokemon appearing, including pokemon that you might not normally see. If you haven't seen that, take a look here: PokemonGo Hub post and Reddit post on required distances.

tl;dr: you need to be 1km from a potential spawn point in order for random spawn effect with incense. Do give the reddit post a look; I found it really interesting.

Has anyone here tried it out? How did it go?

I usually don't use my incense immediately, so I had three saved up to use for testing. It went pretty well. :D

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So, after playing this game for a while, you've probably noticed that it doesn't come with complete instructions. In fact, it seems like it was pretty much designed for you to figure things out on your own or by talking to other people. (Hence why this community was created!)

One of the things that keeps coming up in the free chats are gym battles. And yes, this is definitely one area where some instructions probably would have been useful. Since that's clearly not the case, I thought it'd be helpful to share tips & advice re: gym battles here!

The main thing to know about gym battles in PokeGo is that they're not turn-based. Once you see "Go!" on the screen, start hitting right away. Last pokémon standing wins.

The other thing to remember is don't be intimidated! With practice, persistence, and patience, you can still knock down that high level gym with strong defenders. Promise!

Some tips that have helped me along the way )

What other tips and advice do you have?
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I posted this in the comments of [personal profile] cyphomandra's post about the latest update, but then I realized it'd be more helpful to post it directly to the community so everyone would see it!

TL;DR - Niantic has begun work on the tracker. It is not in its final form. Some people are in a beta. Everyone should be seeing a faster refresh rate with no phantom pokémon lingering around despite having despawned or fallen out of range.

For those of us who remember the original functional tracker, no, it doesn't have pawprints. But with the accurate refresh rate (~15 sec IIRC), you can actually track pokémon now. If a pokémon shows up in your Sightings tab, you're within its 200m radius. Watching the pokémon appear and disappear from your Sightings tab will allow you to triangulate.

This post on Reddit breaks down the process:

Happy hunting!
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Good morning, fellow trainers!

First off, we have an update from Niantic addressing recent changes to the game -- more specifically, the removal of the three-step display and the limiting of access by third-party sites.

Now, onto the main point of this post! So by its nature, Pokémon Go is a game where you discover how things work in the wild, so to speak. You learn by doing. You learn by interacting with other players. (Which is one of the reasons this community exists!) I thought it'd be nice to collect various resources in one place that people could refer to. Here are some to get us started:

Pokémon Go server status: The servers have drastically improved since the first two weeks of the game's launch but for those times where you're having problems logging in, this site has you covered.

Evolution calculator: You can generally get an idea of your pokémon's CP potential by looking at the arc on the detail page but if you really need to know the exact number it'll have post-evolution, here's the calculator of your dreams.

Get the eeveelution of your choice: This is one of the easter eggs of the game. Left alone, eevee evolves into one of three forms: vaporeon, flareon, and jolteon. It's random. Except for when it isn't. There are many guides explaining how you control it but I included the link shared by [personal profile] st_aurafina in one of last week's posts. Please note: This is guaranteed to work the first time you use it for each of the eeveelutions. The jury is out on whether you can get it to work again. Some people say you can. Some people say you can't. I personally have not been able to. No matter what I do, I get nothing but jolteons. Except for when it's super super hot. Then I get flareons.

Pokémon rarity chart: Some people have asked for a pokémon rarity chart. This is one of the later ones put together by the folks on Reddit. Understand, though, that rarity is a subjective term in PokeGo and your geographical location influences what you see more often.

So what are some of your favorite resources? Let's share with the community!
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This community was partially inspired by conversations I've had with friends face-to-face and on Twitter about PokeGo. Due to the nature of the game, there's a lot you need to figure out on your own. And some of the things that seem like bugs are actually features because they're either level balancers or trying to encourage you to interact with other players.

So I thought: Wouldn't it be nice if there was a place where tips & advice could be shared? Because while PokeGo has been available here in the US for 3 weeks now, it's still rolling out globally, meaning newer players are always joining. In a nutshell: I want to save people from the confused flailing I went through the first few days of PokeGo gameplay.

So today, let's talk about our community's namesake: POKESTOPS

As you probably know from gameplay, PokeStops are those little landmarks where you can obtain resources. On your map, they're indicated by floating blue cubes that transform into discs when you're within range to interact with them.

Depending on your level, PokeStops drop:
  • pokeballs (regular, great & ultra)

  • razz berries

  • healing potions (regular, super, hyper)

  • revive potions

  • eggs (2km, 5km, 10km)

Some tips & tricks )

Anyone have other helpful tips for PokeStops?

*** I like to be clever with titles, hence "Tuesday Tips." But don't let that stop you. If you have helpful tips you want to share with the community, feel free to do so any day of the week!


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