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After over a month of connection difficulty at work (thirty miles from where I live) but not at home, I thought the problem had finally resolved itself, and right on time for the Fire and Ice event!

Unfortunately, my issue began again earlier this afternoon (er, yesterday afternoon), and this time where I live rather than where I work. I lost my connection, was unable to log in after restarting the app and twice restarting my phone, and the app is now "unable to authenticate" my account since, in a fit of desperation, I decided to try re-entering my login information.

A quick Google search (which I should probably have tried ages ago) reveals that this is apparently a common problem for people logging in with their Pokemon Trainer Club account, of which I am one.

If anyone knows of a way to fix this, I'd love to hear it; I really don't want to just start a new game with a fresh account, but I also don't want to drive half an hour on the off-chance that being in the city where I work helps.

Edit: Force-closing the app also didn't help.

Edit 2: The fantabulous [personal profile] catness has provided a working fix! I will note that I had to do a bit of extra searching to find an old version of Pokemon Go to install, and fiddle with my phone's settings to allow it to boot, but it did indeed work.

I will also note that some searching tells me that the PTC login issue is only a problem on Android phones; iPhones seem to have no problem logging in with either account type.
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The problems I described in my last post ( ) are still continuing. What's the best way to contact Niantic to see about looking for a bug on my account? The only thing I can do right now is fight at gyms.
Feb. 3rd, 2017 04:45 pm

Hi all

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Today I tried playing, going to various pokestops as I'd run out of balls. At four different stops, I was told that either 'your bag is full' ( it wasn't ) or to 'try again later'. I've already deleted and redownloaded the app before today, as I had problems a few days back as well. Is there anything I can do?
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So the nest migration was supposed to happen last Friday-ish... Did it happen for you? Reports are saying that a lot of nests remained the same but I seem to recall some people here saying their nests might have changed.

I will say that the spawn diversity around my house seems to have increased. That, and there are 2 new spawn locations in my neighborhood that weren't there before. Have you all noticed anything different about the locations and diversity of the spawns around you?
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 Did anyone else have their account deleted when they installed the update? I tried the signing out of Google in Safari then signing back in through the game workaround I found, but all that did was make me set up a new account.

ETA: trying a different Google account fixes it, if anyone else gets it.


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