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I composed these in my head during my commute home while futilely hoping for new Pokemon. Oh well, at least I don't lack for Pokestops?

Drowzees, Drowzees everywhere
But not one Ponyta to spare

Squirtle candies I hoped to get
Yet Rattatas are all I've met

Pidgeys flocking in every green
And still no Eevee to be seen

Please feel free to contribute your own couplets of sadness (or jubilation!) if you wish.
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I have captured
the zubats
that were infesting

and which
you were probably
planning to trade
for candy

forgive me
they were right there
much blue
very zubat

(1. Memes are absolutely an acceptable substitute for meter, trust me, I did a semester on poetry composition once.

2. ZUBATS, WHY? And yet, they're still better than pidgeys.)

(I'm sorry, [personal profile] inkstone, I didn't know how to tag this. It barely seems to qualify as a fan work.)


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