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[personal profile] inkstone2017-07-19 07:35 am
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New update rolling out

Good morning trainers!

A new update for PokeGo is rolling out to the app stores. Check out the list of changes.

Egg Change

Eggs have changed again – multiple species added (includes Gen II starters)!

Generation II Egg Chart

I'm quite pleased. So happy that Mantines and Pinecos are in 5 km eggs now. It was awfully frustrating to walk a 10 km egg and get a freakin' Mantine. Also really glad Swinubs are in 5 kms and Chinchous in 10 kms. I got my first Chinchou today! And I need Swinubs for ice medals and candy for the eventual Mamoswine evolution.

I'm at level 28 now!
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Happy Birthday, PokeGo!

And to celebrate, starting today at 1PM EDT until July 24 1PM EDT, there'll be an anniversary event in-game.

Highlight #1: A special pikachu wearing the Ash Ketchum hat from the Pokemon anime series. (Your mod cannot deal with the cuteness.)

Highlight #2: The shop will be selling giftboxes that contain incubators, max revives, ultraballs & raid passes.

Original announcement here.
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[personal profile] ephemera2017-06-22 10:02 pm
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Gyms are live!


I like the new battle pre screen, and the animation of fights.

New battle scoring on the one hand slows things down (you eat away at the defenders will to fight rather than 1000 points per win) on the other hand I like how the "injured" pokemon gets weaker. Also having revive and health available inside the gym interface

Winning a gym = getting a badge, but just claiming a gym slot does not, and nor does spinning a gym picture, which is what the text suggests.

No sign of coins for having pokemon on a gym...
<- artifacts of my posting about experiences in the first 30 mins or so of gyms being live.

How is everyone else getting on?
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[personal profile] inkstone2017-06-20 09:35 pm
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New update rolling out

The update with all of the previously mentioned changes is hitting the app stores! My android phone just got it.

(Gyms are still disabled, however.)
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[personal profile] kirin2017-06-19 09:41 pm
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Field report: more gym locations, spawn points

So I was just out restocking on items and discovered some places where I couldn't get them, because the pokestop I was going for had become a (currently disabled) gym. Of course once the updates hit and we can spin gyms, this will be all for the better. Meanwhile, I checked out a few local hot spots and estimate that about 10% of existing pokestop locations have converted to gyms. Now that only six people will be able to get on a gym at once, more is certainly welcome!

Spawn points are a little harder to pin down, but I'm pretty sure new spawns have been added as well. I'm very familiar with the possible points in my neighborhood, and just saw quite a few spawns at new locations. Particularly noticeable was the fact that I got several spawn smack in the middle of the road, which almost never happened before and I thought was a no-no to keep kids from wandering into the street (not that you can't reach them from the sidewalk). I almost wonder if someone at Niantic forgot to run a not_on_roads filter when generating a new batch of points... we'll have to see if they stick around.
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New Gym Mechanics Revealed

There are a lot of changes, so just go read the entire post!

In a nutshell:
  • You'll be able to get items from gyms like you can pokestops.

  • Each gym defender must be unique. (i.e. No stacking Blisseys).

  • Gyms will now only have 6 defenders!

  • Gym defenders must be kept motivated via berries or they'll return to their trainers. (I think this is a way to let more people interact with gyms even when all slots are filled?)

  • We'll earn gym badges.

  • The Collaborative Feature: Raid Battles - Basically, from time to time, a Raid Boss will take over gyms -- kicking out all current defenders -- and trainers will have to work together to beat the Raid Boss.

Gyms are going to be disabled in a few hours, so get your bonuses ASAP if you haven't already. ETA 12:41 PM EDT: Gyms have been disabled.
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[personal profile] inkstone2017-06-14 06:19 am
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Strap On Those Walking Shoes!

The Solstice Event is live!

The important details:
  • It runs until Tuesday, June 20, 1PM PDT.

  • Increased fire-type and ice-type spawns.

  • Triple XP for catches, throw bonuses, and curve bonuses.

  • Quintuple (!!) XP for egg hatches.

  • Lucky eggs are discounted in the store.

Get out there, trainers! And if you're in the parts of the world that are experiencing hot weather, stay hydrated!
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[personal profile] inkstone2017-06-08 06:29 am
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PokeGo Fest!

So the first anniversary of PokeGo is coming up fast and Niantic is celebrating in multiple ways.
  • The Solstice Event kicks off on June 13. More fire and ice pokémon (nice that they acknowledge both hemispheres!), XP bonuses, and discounted lucky eggs.

  • A forthcoming update that focuses on collaborative group gameplay. In preparation for this change, gyms will temporarily be disabled. (Sounds like they're changing the gym mechanic!!)

  • Various PokeGo events in Chicago, Yokohama, and across Europe.

The official announcement is here. I'll try my best to keep the community updated as these events go live, but if any of you see it before me, feel free to let your fellow trainers know!
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[personal profile] inkstone2017-05-16 11:39 am
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New Event Starting on Thursday

Hello trainers!

Looks like we'll be getting another in-game event, starting on May 18 @ 1PM PDT: Adventure Week!

The details:
  • more items from pokestop spins

  • 50% off pokeballs in the store

  • buddies will earn candy 4x as fast!

  • increase in Rock-type pokemon encounters -- including possibly, maybe Aerodactyl!!!

The official announcement here.

Your mod still doesn't have an aerodactyl. That's why she's so excited.
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[personal profile] inkstone2017-05-05 06:43 am
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A Couple Updates

1. Nests have migrated once again! Check out your local parks to see what species are now roaming there.

2. There will be a short-term in-game event this weekend: Worldwide Bloom! From the afternoon of May 5 until May 8, there will be an influx of grass pokémon.

Hopefully, the weather is kind to you this weekend and you can enjoy these events!
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Eggstravaganza Event

Good day, trainers!

Your mod apologizes for the tardiness of this post. She had a car situation to deal with and just didn't get to it yesterday.

From now until 1PM PDT on April 20, Niantic is hosting an in-game Eggstravaganza. The highlights:
  • a greater variety of pokémon can be hatched from 2km eggs

  • more candy is earned with egg hatches

  • double XP

  • Lucky Eggs are half-price in the store -- meaning that you can earn quadruple XP if you strategize!

Read the official announcement here.

What about you all? Any news from your neck of the woods? What do you think about the event? How has PokeGo been going for you lately?
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[personal profile] inkstone2017-03-24 08:47 am
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More updates & news

Lots of stuff happening this week!
  • Nests have migrated again. Visit your local nests & see what's out there. Note: The Silph Road has deactivated nest reports for water 'mon during the Water Festival.

  • Shiny 'mon are now live in-game! So far, it's just Magikarp (gold) and Gyarados (red). Don't know what shiny 'mon are? Here's an FAQ.

  • I'm unclear as to whether this is only for the duration of the Water Festival but a magikarp hat has been added to the avatar customization options.

I'll be putting up a free-for-all thread this weekend!
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[personal profile] inkstone2017-03-23 01:56 pm
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Water Festival!

As [personal profile] soc_puppet pointed out in the comments of yesterday's post, PokeGo is hosting an in-game water festival until March 29 1PM PDT.

Which means you'll have increased chances of catching water pokemon at this time. And maybe even a lapras!

Official announcement here.
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New update rolling out

A new game update is currently rolling out to the app stores. Here's the official announcement.

The patch notes from Niantic say that the 7-day First PokeStop streak bonus now guarantees an Evolution item. Which is fab because your mod hasn't had much luck in getting any of those!
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New Update

Hello trainers!

A new update is rolling out. The Silph Road's data mine didn't reveal any new significant changes (the patch notes were the infamous "Minor text fixes"), so perhaps this is an optimization release.
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Latest Tips & News + Free-for-All

Hello trainers!

Hope your week has been going well and you've been enjoying the influx of new pokemon. While your mod is sad she didn't see any Chansey during the last event, she is laughing at how cute Gen 2 is.

Here are a couple bits that may be of interest:

• Gen 2 brings the addition of two new eeveelutions: espeon and umbreon. As with jolteon, vaporeon, and flareon, you can use the rename trick to get the eeveelution of your choice. In this case, Sakura and Tamao will get you espeon and umbreon, respectively. Remember, the rename trick is guaranteed to work only once, so choose your eevee-to-be-evolved wisely. However, some determined trainers did some research and found another way to get espeon and umbreon without using the rename trick (and thus allowing you to do it multiple times). (read more but also keep this in mind)

• We're getting another in-game event! To celebrate Pokemon Day on February 27, Pikachu will be getting a fancy hat from the afternoon of February 26 until the afternoon of March 6. (more info)

How has your week in PokeGo been going, trainers? Any news from your neck of the woods?
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Friday News & Updates

Looks like the servers have calmed down, so get out there this weekend and catch some Gen 2 pokémon or take over some gyms to earn coins to buy new avatar customizations!

• Last week, John Hanke offered a deeper look at Niantic's plans for PokeGo. (Check it out!)

• Pokémon storage upgrades are 50% off until Feb 28th. If you recently bought an upgrade to prepare for the coming of Gen 2, try sending a support ticket. Some trainers have reported getting a refund for the difference. (source)

• There are a lot of changes and refinements in the latest update beyond the launch of Gen 2. From CP rebalancing to moveset changes, it can be overwhelming. Luckily, lists are being compiled on the two major PokeGo subreddits: The Silph Road's list & Pokemon Go's list.

• If you're wondering about some of the interface changes, trainers have been uploading screenshots: new evolution items & new UI features

Happy hunting!
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Flashback to July 2016!

The new update is here...

Gen 2 is live...

...and the servers are being slammed. /o\

Good luck logging in, trainers. Good luck.
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Gen 2 is on the way!

Hello trainers!

I hope you've been enjoying the Valentine's Day event. Remember it ends later today! (Your mod has caught plenty of lickitung but alas! Chansey continues to elude her. The salt is high.)

Now for the big news: Gen 2 pokémon are on their way. Niantic will begin rolling out the update later this week.

In addition to over 80 new pokémon, we'll also be getting:
  • new evolutions -- as well as new evolution items dropping at PokeStops to make those evolutions happen

  • new encounter gameplay

  • new berry types -- one makes the pokémon slower and easier to catch (I think this is a hint about the new encounter gameplay!) & the other doubles the amount of candy received if your catch succeeds

  • new avatars & wardrobe options!!

This looks to be a pretty hefty update. What do y'all think?

(Official announcement)