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So, at the bequest of my nephew, I've had a really Pokemon-heavy weekend.

First, though, the public announcement part: Kangistan is roaming in the wild in several European cities until the 21st August. London is one of those cities, but the place where my nephew lives is not ...

Just on the way to the station on Saturday morning and home again tonight, though, I caught three Unown's and three Kangistans (two out in Zone 3) so - they seem to be reasonably populous, if people are thinking of daytrips in response to the news.

My nephew was really keen that, in addition to generally playing Pokemon *all day* yesterday, that we should tackle as many legendary raids as possible. As I've never managed to coordinate raiding with others at all, I was glad of the opportunity. Of course, we defeated 5 legendaries and I managed to catch *none* of them, but at least I've seen them in action, and I had a chance at them, which is more than I could say before, and nephew caught 3 of them, but not the Lugio he wanted most of all. Kudos to the Pokemon playing population of Nephew's town for being *super* welcoming and supportive, inclusive, and friendly, and making our day better in many dimensions.

I kind of wish there was some in-game mechanic for coordinating meet-ups, though. I don't really know where to start here in London (not least because "London" isn't a useful geographic area for this kind of thing, being altogether too big to be reasonable), and having some way of ID-ing "other Pokemon Go players within N distance of you right now" would be *really freaking useful*, and is clearly technically feasible as so many other apps are based on doing exactly that.
Jul. 11th, 2017 02:42 pm

Egg Change

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Eggs have changed again – multiple species added (includes Gen II starters)!

Generation II Egg Chart

I'm quite pleased. So happy that Mantines and Pinecos are in 5 km eggs now. It was awfully frustrating to walk a 10 km egg and get a freakin' Mantine. Also really glad Swinubs are in 5 kms and Chinchous in 10 kms. I got my first Chinchou today! And I need Swinubs for ice medals and candy for the eventual Mamoswine evolution.

I'm at level 28 now!
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I'd love to hear about your experiences! How did you take advantage of the four times as fast? What rock types did you catch? Did the recent nest migration benefit you?

I walked to evolve to: Jynx, Croconaw, Quilava, Meganium, Marowak, Kingler, Ninetails, and Wartortle.

My rock type catches to evolutions: Golem, Steelix, Rhydon, Omastar, Kabutops, Shuckle, and Magcargo.

I was able to evolve to Alakazam, thanks to my local nest.

And I caught a Yanma!

Recent egg hatches: Gligar! And enough Drowzee for a Hypno.
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So I got my 7 day streak again today, and I still haven't been able to snag the Evolution Item I need. I've got 3 Sun Stones, 3 King's Rocks and 2 Up-Grades, but not enough candy to evolve the corresponding Pokemons. Yet I have a Scyther, all ready to go, and no Metal Coat!
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I have not just permission, but encouragement from the participants to share this story, so I hope you all enjoy it :)

It's reasonably short, but I'm using a cut anyway )
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Now that I'm level 21, I decided I would slow down with the speed-leveling.

1) It's not as easy to speed-level post-level 20.
2) All the items are unlocked at level 20, so I don't have that incentive anymore & that makes the process of speed-leveling boring and joyless for me.
3) I believe the eggs also stop scaling at level 20 as well.*

I do like gym battling but again, it's not something I must do or feel compelled to do.

So, instead, I'm going to concentrate on completing my pokedex as much as I can! Because, I'm gonna be honest, I have some major holes in my collection. Getting fire-type pokémon seems to be practically impossible for where I live, but I can catch water pokémon. I just need to go toward bodies of water!

Read more... )

In conclusion: I'll definitely be going back! Not only is it a great site for water pokémon, the people were super friendly and fun! I'm going to see if I can organize a PokeParty with my friends because we all have the same problem of needing water pokémon.

* The CP of the pokémon in the eggs you hatch correlate to the level you were when you picked up those eggs. That's why it's in your best interest to hatch eggs as efficiently as you can (I realize there are accessibility issues with this) because otherwise you'll be hatching low CP pokémon when you're, like, level 17.
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I think it's time for a silly post.

One of the things that really got people's attention about PokeGo was the augmented reality feature. Now, I never used this feature that much myself. It made catching pokémon really hard for me, so I switched it off pretty fast. But I admit the pics were pretty funny.

So what are some of your fav AR pics? Taken by yourself or others. I'll get us started:

My name is Krabbygo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.
When you run out of pokeballs

Let's share!
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If you live in the U.S., Michaels is holding a promotion for today only. Show a cashier which team you're on and you'll get a 50% off coupon to use on any one regular price item.

Which brings us to today's topic! In the time since PokeGo launched, lots of businesses have taken advantage of the marketing potential. Bars constantly drop lures. Cafes do rotating discounts for the three teams. Restaurants make cookies in the shape of pokeballs.

What are some of the promotions you've encountered during your time playing the game?
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One of my favorite things about the game is getting to name my catches (though I only name the top two or three per type; the rest get Transferred for the candy payoff).

Do you name yours? Do you have a theme? Do they all get names, or only your favorites?

A few of my favorites )

What are some of yours?
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[personal profile] dragonfly's post got me thinking. What's the most interesting/weird/unusual PokeStop you've visited?


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