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As of last night, raids are now available to players 25 and up, and at a "wide variety of gyms" throughout the world. I've got two gyms in map-sight of home; one of them has a level one raid this hour, and the other has a level four raid coming up in a bit over an hour. Hopefully an achievable raid comes soon to a gym near you!

*edit* ha, and the third gym that's just slightly out of sight has.a level three raid in an hour and a half.

*edit 2* and now the first gym has a raid back up again, level two. So I'm feeling pretty good about the frequency.*

From what I've seen on reddit, level three raids will require at least a couple trainers and level four somewhere between 6 and 10 depending on level, but I haven't yet seen enough reports to know how that experience matches up with the recommended number of players listed on the gym. My upcoming level four raid is at least in a real park with benches and a playground and all, so while I doubt we'll muster enough people to win, I'm at least going to wander by and see if anyone's around.

The level one raid was a 5kish Croconaw, and it melted to 2300cp attackers, about how you'd expect if you're familiar with prestiging with lower CP mons from the old gym system. The timer was three minutes, and I think it took me about 30 seconds. Got 13 balls to try to catch it with (I think that's the max - all the damage, gym controlled by my team), and eventually succeeded without having to use the golden razz berries; it escaped the ball three times, and I lost maybe 6 to it jumping or attacking. I think in the future I'm only going to throw as they're mid-jump and hope to hit it as it lands.

I ran the first raid with "yesterday's" free raid pass. If what I've read is true and I can still pick up "today's" free pass, I may give the level four raid a shot even if no one shows up, just to see for myself how terrible it is.

Raid info from niantic: https://support.pokemongo.nianticlabs.com/hc/en-us/articles/115009004747-Raid-Battles
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