Feb. 17th, 2017

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Looks like the servers have calmed down, so get out there this weekend and catch some Gen 2 pokémon or take over some gyms to earn coins to buy new avatar customizations!

• Last week, John Hanke offered a deeper look at Niantic's plans for PokeGo. (Check it out!)

• Pokémon storage upgrades are 50% off until Feb 28th. If you recently bought an upgrade to prepare for the coming of Gen 2, try sending a support ticket. Some trainers have reported getting a refund for the difference. (source)

• There are a lot of changes and refinements in the latest update beyond the launch of Gen 2. From CP rebalancing to moveset changes, it can be overwhelming. Luckily, lists are being compiled on the two major PokeGo subreddits: The Silph Road's list & Pokemon Go's list.

• If you're wondering about some of the interface changes, trainers have been uploading screenshots: new evolution items & new UI features

Happy hunting!


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