Feb. 15th, 2017

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Hello trainers!

I hope you've been enjoying the Valentine's Day event. Remember it ends later today! (Your mod has caught plenty of lickitung but alas! Chansey continues to elude her. The salt is high.)

Now for the big news: Gen 2 pokémon are on their way. Niantic will begin rolling out the update later this week.

In addition to over 80 new pokémon, we'll also be getting:
  • new evolutions -- as well as new evolution items dropping at PokeStops to make those evolutions happen

  • new encounter gameplay

  • new berry types -- one makes the pokémon slower and easier to catch (I think this is a hint about the new encounter gameplay!) & the other doubles the amount of candy received if your catch succeeds

  • new avatars & wardrobe options!!

This looks to be a pretty hefty update. What do y'all think?

(Official announcement)


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