Jan. 29th, 2017

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Hello trainers! I come bearing some news. :)

  • A new update is rolling out for PokeGo. The release notes say that this update will reduce the loading time on Android (thank god!) and fix the Go Plus connectivity issues. Reports are also saying that sound no longer stops when you launch the game. Hopefully this means we can continue listening to podcasts uninterrupted now! The good folks at The Silph Road are currently doing a data mine of the latest update, so hopefully we'll find out if there are any other hidden changes soon. (source)

  • Nests have indeed migrated once again. In the last post, people asked what a nest was and I realized, wow! We never explained that properly, did we? So here we go. Nests are basically locations where a certain type of pokemon spawns in increased numbers. The most obvious manifestation of a nest is one where a specific type of pokemon will spawn in a cluster of 2-3 at the same time. But it can be something more subtle where a specific type of pokemon spawns regularly throughout the day at the same location. I have a spot like this outside my neighborhood, for example. Nests are not the same thing as biomes and early in the game, people got them confused. But half a year out, they're pretty clearly delineated. Want to find out if there are nests near you? Check out The Silph Road's nest atlas! This is user generated though, so all caveats apply.

  • In a blast from the past: Remember last summer when certain jurisdictions wanted to pass an ordinance requiring that augmented reality games obtain a permit to function in certain parks? They're still at it. Wow. (source)

Any news from your neck of the woods? How's your game playing going, trainers?


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